BIGART is a company of artists and muralists lead by Hillel Lazarov, an artist with over 20 years of experience in painting public murals.

BIGART create beautiful, colorful, and rich murals to decorate any surface. specialize in realistic and three-dimensional murals that pop off the wall and add life to your building.

We use special cranes and mounting supports to great larger than life murals on big buildings. Our artists are trained at painting at high heights, as well as creating impressive sky-scapes on ceilings.

BIGART works on commissions; we take your vision and transform it into reality.

You can see our murals on countless public and private buildings in Israel and abroad; city halls, schools, sports centers, hospital, hotels, malls, religious centers, swimming pools, water towers, air and water ports, we do it all.

Let us use beautiful artwork to enhance your building and community.